Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered the refuge: 21.06.2017
Approximate date of birth: 20.06.2016
Breed: Podenco cross
Female/medium size
Height to shoulder 46cm Length 50cm (JULY 2017)

ALICE is a stunning white Podenca! A beautiful girl who is so similar to Paloma who was in the refuge but has now been adopted!

Another Podenca who deserves better than the treatment she has most likely received in the hands of her owner – a hunter!

ALICE is a stunning girl and one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. She loves human company and is also great with all the other dogs in the refuge l

Sadly we don’t get the chance due to time constraints to give her, or any of the dogs what they need most, constant love and affection and of course the security of a home and family of their own

Like all Podencos we are sure that give the chance ALICE would like nothing better than to curl up on a sofa and like all the them , she will make someone a wonderful, beautiful and very loyal pet!

She is neutered, fully vaccinated, has passport and microchip.


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