Annie, Debbie, Iggy

These poor babies have been taken to the pound as their owner died and they have nowhere else to go. They are all a bit confused and having a hard time as they are used to being in a home.
Left – ANNIE, female, 8 years old.
Middle – DEBBIE, female, 12 years old.
Right – IGGY, male. We’re not sure of the age yet as he is so scared he doesn’t let us touch him yet but slowly he will start to trust us. We think he is probably around 8 years old.
They are all very quiet and gentle dogs and won’t take up much space. Please share their story and help us find them a home.

Update** Sadly, we have some tragic news, Annie crossed rainbow bridge a few days ago… The vet said she died of sadness. It was too much for her to lose her owner and then get taken to a new place. Debbie and Iggy are still waiting to be adopted, preferably together.

Annie, Debbie, Iggy

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