The Latest Dogs Needing Homes


Gusanito, 8 months, male, out of perrera de sevilla and still waiting for a loving home. CBYER BUDDY Claire Gillen


Gusanito has now been adopted. He is living in the UK with his wonderful new family. We wish him all the best x



COCO some of you who roam through spanish pages might have seen this dog in the horrendous Gesser pound. Martha also saw this pic and got there just in time, he was going to be sacrificed that same day. Underneath all that fur was a lovely male poodle of around three year. She took him to Cordoba to a refuge, where he is now waiting for his forever home and make him forget what he’s gone through. He is a super loving and playfull dogs, gets on with dogs and cats and adores to be cuddled. 10450348_10152363291037684_8073391971805450814_n


Betsy 9 WEEKS OLD, First vaccination given, in foster with me, can be sent to UK in January, Looking for a wonderful forever home. She is a dream of a puppy please find a home.

Adopted. We wish you the best in your new home, Betsy x



This beauty is Nuska, a female 9 year old dog who has lived since puppy in the SVPAP shelter in Valencia. Medium size, no more than 20kg. She arrived with her brother and became very close to him and another dog. Both were adopted and now she feels a bit lonely. At the beginning she was afraid of humans, but over the years she became more confident and now she looks for a caress. She is healthy, no special condition. She doesn´t deserve to live her last years in the shelter. She needs a foster house or an adoption family. You won`t regret it.

Adopted. We wish you the best in your new home, Nuska x



This is Bob ,a beautiful dog i have been sponsoring with my mum and aunty jean,he is gorgeous and now looking for a home,i would love him but still trying to convince Col,i know a lot of my friends are doggie lover’s,please read his story,and i am sure you will fall in love with him.




We found Gilda wandering about and alone at night. As you can see on the photographs, she’s a very friendly dog.

– Gender: female
– Breed: podenco
– Age: born october 2011
– Character: very nice and friendly. She gets on well with dogs and people (also children).

Wormed, vaccinated, neutered, chip & passport and contract before adoption.

She is in Jaén (Spain), but she can be sent abroad (transport costs shall bear the adopting person).

Adopted. We wish you luck in your new home, Gilda x



COI male 5 months old GSD taken away from a breeder. This dog is very good, loving, nobele and needs a loving home.





BRUNY, found in the countryside at 6 months, weighs 5 kilo, she is now 9 months and still no one to adopt her. Very loving, a little scared but easy to win over. Won’t grow much anymore.

Adopted. We wish you luck in your new home, Bruny x




XENA on this group since december 2013, now finaly a foster home has be found for her in Wales. The group will pay the adoption fee, but XENA still needs donations to pay her busticket, transport in spain and transport to UK have to be paid. Shes has her bags packed but won’t be able to leave the cold refuge without our help. So Pls everybody even one euro will help her, Xena needs your help.


Xena was re-homed in November 2014. We wish you all the best Xena x



Podenca maneto, female 1.5 years old, 8 kilo , found on a busy road, nearly got hit by a car. Good with other dogs. Waiting for a forever home now.