Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered the refuge: 24.09.2016
Approximate date of Birth: 02.05.2014
Breed: Podenco/male
Weight: 16kgs
Height to shoulder: 50cm

BO is a stunning boy who was rescued with another Podenco who we have called Robin. They were found together in a small village close to Rute. They are great friends even now in the refuge. He is a stunning colour and has the most wonderful amber eyes. A true Podenco!

BO was the dog we posted on here who was found with a very deep wound in his shoulder which we believe was the result of someone removing his microchip so the owner could not be traced. Sadly this is something that happens here It required 5 internal stitches and 5 external stitches to repair it. Now he is very well and the wound has healed

Despite his injury and pain – even when he was rescued he is the most trusting and loving boy you could ever meet. He is still quite nervous around some of the bigger dogs in the refuge, but he would love more than anything a home of his own so please help us to find him the home he deserves and lets put a smile back on his face.


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