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Entered the refuge 28/01/2016
Approx date of birth – January 2015
Breed – Podenca/cross/Female

This a very sad story, which we hope will have a happy ending.

Bonita was found by a friend of one of the volunteers on the side of the road beside a little dog that had been run over and killed.
She was trying to lick her as if to make her stand and we believe that it was either her mother or sister. It was a very sad thing to see and she was obviously very distraught at not being able to help and not understanding what had happened .

We managed to coax Bonita to come and she was taken to the refuge where she has been ever since. At first she was very frightened and scared of everyone, but over time she has become a wonderful little dog and has come out of herself.

We feel she had now learnt the good side of humans as she loves all the volunteers and is sociable and friendly and good with the other dogs and loves to play

She would like nothing more than to find a loving home with warmth and affection of a family who will never leave her.


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