Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog


Date entered the refuge: 12.06.2016
Approx date of birth 25-04 -2015
Breed: mixed breed medium /large Male

CAPO is not able to continue living with his family here as they do not have enough time to devote to him and they feel he needs another home .

Another beautiful dog who has now come to live with us in the refuge – but he has settled well, is affectionate, outgoing and playful as any dog of his age is! He has the most amazing shiny coat and is a very handsome boy

We feel that Capo needs to be an only dog or in a home with perhaps one other already established dog and he needs boundaries and a dog savvy owner as he has quite a strong character,. However with the right owner and in the right home he will make a perfect and loyal companion

Please help us find him a home. His needs are small – just love and a new family and some lovely walks and he will be happy!


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