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Entered our care: 28.12.2017
Approximate date of birth: 30.10.2017
Breed: Podenco
Male – medium size when fully grown

YAIKO and his 2 sisters TINA AND SIA were found alone and frigtened on an Industrial Estate near to the refuge.

Someone heard their cries and contacted us to help rescue them . We have no idea how they came to be there, obviously dumped as an unwanted litter .

They are all beautiful and like all Podencos will make excellent pets for some lucky family

YAIKO is the only male, he has adapted well in our puppy refuge and loves to play with all the others – they all love a rough and tumble and as all puppies are loving and affectionate to the volunteers that come and go.

They need a home , the refuge is no substitute for a home when they can be brought up in warmth and comfort and security and most of all love!

We don’t have the time to give them what they need. They are young enough to introduce to children and cats and to socialise

They will not be able to travel to the UK until early March and they will be too young to be neutered here but will have a passport, microchip and all vaccinations




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Grace, a beautiful Galgo, just 1 year old. Just a small girl. If you would like further details please send a message. Blood tested and all clear. Living with other dogs and cats.

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MADAME, medium-small breed, DOB 01-01-2014, was found in an abandoned house with her 6 tiny puppies. Madame was trying to protect her babies and it took the volunteers some time to gain her confidence and complete the rescue. But Madame soon realised that the volunteers were safe and settled in well to the sanctuary. Madame’s pups are now all grown up and have gone to new homes but poor mum is still waiting. Madame gets on well with other dogs and cats but doesn’t really like to play and will potter about rather than dash about. We think her life would be complete if she had a sofa to relax on and a loving family too! Please like and share to help her find them. Thank you.


Sara Sanchez Burgos

SAGAT, labrador cross; but smaller than a lab. about 15 kilo,six years old, male, neutered, all health tests done,, . Good with children and cats. His family separated, they never looked after him after this. Desperately waiting for a new home,where he can love and be loved again.

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How can anyone walk away and leave any dog in this way??

ABBA is a very pretty, intelligent and friendly young girl who has already known human unkindness in her short life.

She spent some time in a temporary foster home when she was first rescued as the refuge was full but now she is with all our others waiting to find new homes

Like all Breton’s she is full of fun although still a little wary of new people but gaining our trust and learning to live happily with all the other dogs.

Over the coming weeks we will get to know her more , but already we can see that in time what a wonderful family pet she will make and how much she would love to have a family of her own who will not let her down again

She is neutered, fully vaccinated and has a passport and microchip.

If you think you can offer this lovely girl a home, please contact us to try and get ABBA the home she so deserves


Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

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Meet LUKE – another handsome Breton Boy looking to find a new family!! He was found abandoned, frightened and running the streets of Rute before someone managed to catch him and bring him to safety

Luke would love a home with a family who have the time to give him the sort of life he needs

Like all Spaniels he is an energetic and very intelligent boy, who loves to go for walks and explore and he will need a certain amount of training although he is in a foster home here who are already helping with this,

He is house trained, used to living in a home environment and is loving and affectionate and will make a wonderful addition to the right home .

We are able to cat test and although he is not in foster with any children, we can introduce him to some

LUKE is castrated, fully vaccinated , has passport and microchip and basically all ready to go!!



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LAZARO, large breed, Labrador cross, 1 and a half years old. Lazaro was a stray dog who was being fed by some locals. When he didn’t turn up for 3 days in a row they went to look for him and found him attached to the underside of a car. They called the volunteers who managed to release him and take him to the vet. Lazaro had inflammation and bruising but luckily no broken bones. He is now settled at the sanctuary and is a very friendly chap who loves playing with the other dogs. He’s also proven to be absolutely great with the volunteers children and plays ever so well with them. Please like and share to help him find his forever home


Lena is a young Mastin girl who was living rough by a petrol station, now rescued and with Pauline Wright-rescue at Princess Animal Rescue


Linda Jean

Please say Hello to MICHA. She is around 5/7 years old, she has Leish which is now under control with Alupurinol one tablet twice a day, she has an old break in her back right leg, and quite honestly not a lot going for her. BUT SHE IS THE MOST LOVING KIND GENTLE GIRL YOU COULD WISH TO MEET. We will get her leg seen to if it is possible and we will give lifetime supply of Alupurinol tablets, all we ask from you is that you love her unconditionally for what she is, and get her blood tested once a year to make sure her leish is under control. If you want a friend, a companion and the most loving girl ever, then please consider ADOPTING Micha.



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Entered the refuge: 24.09.2016
Approximate date of Birth: 02.05.2014
Breed: Podenco/male
Weight: 16kgs
Height to shoulder: 50cm

BO is a stunning boy who was rescued with another Podenco who we have called Robin. They were found together in a small village close to Rute. They are great friends even now in the refuge. He is a stunning colour and has the most wonderful amber eyes. A true Podenco!

BO was the dog we posted on here who was found with a very deep wound in his shoulder which we believe was the result of someone removing his microchip so the owner could not be traced. Sadly this is something that happens here It required 5 internal stitches and 5 external stitches to repair it. Now he is very well and the wound has healed

Despite his injury and pain – even when he was rescued he is the most trusting and loving boy you could ever meet. He is still quite nervous around some of the bigger dogs in the refuge, but he would love more than anything a home of his own so please help us to find him the home he deserves and lets put a smile back on his face.