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Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered the refuge: 21.06.2017
Approximate date of birth: 20.06.2016
Breed: Podenco cross
Female/medium size
Height to shoulder 46cm Length 50cm (JULY 2017)

ALICE is a stunning white Podenca! A beautiful girl who is so similar to Paloma who was in the refuge but has now been adopted!

Another Podenca who deserves better than the treatment she has most likely received in the hands of her owner – a hunter!

ALICE is a stunning girl and one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. She loves human company and is also great with all the other dogs in the refuge l

Sadly we don’t get the chance due to time constraints to give her, or any of the dogs what they need most, constant love and affection and of course the security of a home and family of their own

Like all Podencos we are sure that give the chance ALICE would like nothing better than to curl up on a sofa and like all the them , she will make someone a wonderful, beautiful and very loyal pet!

She is neutered, fully vaccinated, has passport and microchip.



Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog


Date entered the refuge: 12.06.2016
Approx date of birth 25-04 -2015
Breed: mixed breed medium /large Male

CAPO is not able to continue living with his family here as they do not have enough time to devote to him and they feel he needs another home .

Another beautiful dog who has now come to live with us in the refuge – but he has settled well, is affectionate, outgoing and playful as any dog of his age is! He has the most amazing shiny coat and is a very handsome boy

We feel that Capo needs to be an only dog or in a home with perhaps one other already established dog and he needs boundaries and a dog savvy owner as he has quite a strong character,. However with the right owner and in the right home he will make a perfect and loyal companion

Please help us find him a home. His needs are small – just love and a new family and some lovely walks and he will be happy!


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK

Nemo – Large breed Pitbull cross, DOB 01/01/2012. Nemo was found wandering the streets of Almeria covered in wounds. The sanctuary was called and although they were full, they couldn’t leave him on the streets as they knew he would just be used for dog fighting again. Despite his background, Nemo gets on incredibly well with the other dogs in the sanctuary and is super affectionate with the volunteers. The only danger you have of being round Nemo is being licked to death! However, due to his breed he cannot be homed in the UK and potential adopters in Spain will need a PPP license.


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK

PECAS, medium size, DOB Aug 2016. This beautiful girl was found begging for food around the fields and farmhouses of Almeria. As she was limping a kind person sheltered her in their house and called the sanctuary to see if they could help. The volunteers have taken Pecas to the vet who said that she has a malformation on her leg which is the cause of the limping and potentially why she was abandoned. However, she can still lead a normal life and runs and jumps with the other dogs onthe courtyard. Pecas would love to find her very own home.


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK

DOG OF THE DAY – ESTRELLA, large breed, almost 2 years old. This beautiful girl has blossomed in the care of the sanctuary after lots of love and attention. She was rescued from the streets of Almeria but the cuts and bruises all over her body told the story of a terribly hard life. Like many street dogs in Spain, she had stones thrown at her every time she tried to approach someone to beg for food. When she first arrived at the sanctuary she was really scared of people but she has slowly gained her confidence and grown to love the volunteers and even plays well with their children. She is great with other dogs.

Pinky and Gordi

Please can someone see the beauty in these two dogs. They deserve their own family. Pauline Wright is the contact at Princess Animal Rescue.

If you can be the family to offer this lovely brother and sister a new start then I will do a BOGOF offer if both adopted together, only one adoption fee and will help raise the transport cost.

They are both great with other dogs and children but can’t go with cats.


Duque has been in the refuge for 5 years now. he’s a GSD cross with podenco. 6 years old now. no issues, well educated and calm. Duque is not the dog who will be all over you all day, he is not like that, he is quite independent, but knows how to behave and has a natural elegance. He has seen many of his fellow friends leave in adoption. Nobody ever asked for him. He doesn’t know what is to be in a home and have a family. Duque is castrated, chipped has his own passport and all vaccins up to date. Negative to Leishmaniosis. Will somebody give him the chance to know something else than the streets and the refuge. Contact Marta Sanchez-Arevalo or Irene van den Bossche


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Ruby has been through hell and needs a special home with lots of time to spend with her to get her over her fears. This is very important for her, she is good with other dogs but fearful of humans, Just over years old and had a shit start to her life, sterilised and a full passport so can travel. Do you have a special place in your heart and home, she will reward you a thousand fold————————————————-Dit is Ruby. Ze is een paar jaar oud en heeft een érg slechte start gehad.Ze heeft veel aandacht nodig, met voldoende tijd om haar over haar angsten te helpen.Tijd en geduld is echt héél belangrijk voor haar. Ze kan goed opschieten met andere honden, maar naar mensen toe is ze schuw. Ruby is gesteriliseerd en heeft een volledig paspoort. Wie heeft er voor Ruby een speciaal plaatsje in zijn of haar hart en kan haar een veilig thuis geven? Ze zal het rijkelijk belonen.


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s album.

POSTE, medium-large breed, 2-3 years old. Poste was found tied up at the door of the sanctuary, he was trembling with fear and the volunteers had to approach slowly to untie him as he was so scared. He’s now starting to relax and become more confident with them and has proven to be great with the other dogs. He’s a bit on the thin side but with love and care will soon be ready for adoption. Please like and share to help him find a home. Thank you.



Poor Benni, he is soooo frustrated. He is waiting for a forever mummy or daddy but no-one has come along. Abandoned as a small pup in a plastic bag on a garden gate, Benni is a 2yr old, Sharpei cross, fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered. He is energetic and will give someone lots of play time and love time. He is friendly with all other doggy playmates, living here with us and our 24 other rescues. Can you give him the forever loving home that he so deserves? Please pm or call on 634 456 701 for any further information.