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Richard Mark Stylianou-Steed shared Dog Squad Spain

This is Tikka. She was found in Xeraco on the beach, along with her sister Libby and Emily. Tikka is a very friendly small, terrier cross, weighing only 4 kilos. She made a beeline for me with kisses when I met her! We guess she is around 12 months old. This tiny girl only measures 26cm to the shoulder.

She is safe with Associació Guaita Xeraco at the moment, but we are now looking for a local foster or better still a forever home for this little one. She as yet has had nothing done, but this can be easily rectified.

Can you offer a helping hand to Tikka?

Please contact myself or Marie Carmen at L’academia Xeraco or on Whatsapp 669 690 702.

Tikka has found her forever home!


Sara Sanchez Burgos

MAIA, 2 years, 17 kilo, found wandering the countryside. She is good with children and cats. If you want a doggie that will give you no problems then it is Mala, Very calm girl

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Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

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UMA’s story is one of disbelief and cruelty although nothing does surprise us here!

She was found after someone had tried to cut off her tail, but hadn’t succeeded and they left her in such a terrible state!

The pain she must of gone through does not bear thinking about – she had been seen for several days before anyone was able to catch her and bring her to safety

She was operated on and most of her tail was removed – she just has a little stump of a tail she is now recovering well in a foster home.

UMA is a beautiful girl, and despite her ordeal she is friendly and trusting although still a little shy and vary of strangers until she gets to know them .

Her foster home will help her overcome this and hopefully she will soon become to realise that not all humans are cruel and unkind – each day she is getting better. She is a tiny girl too at only 45cm to shoulder and will not take up much room on anyone’s sofa but hopefully will take a lot of room in someones heart!

She would love a nice secure home now – with a family to love her and who she can love back as like all rescue dogs, she will repay you in love and affection for ever more

She is neutered, has all vaccinations passport and microchip

If you would like to adopt UMA please contact us via this page



What a cute boy! CAT and dog friendly, super gorgeous. Poor boy is blind in one eye and has had a piece of his ear cut off, but it doesn’t stop him from being a friendly happy boy. Please contact Princess Animal Rescue, Pauline Wright-RescuePaula Knowles or Pamela Kerr( foster family) if you require further information. Pre- adoption enquiry form and home check apply.

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Reserved for adoption!


Dama, a small girl, she is just so good. Her ears are almost bigger than she is! Possible miniature Pincher cross, she has the red Pincher colours on her paws and under her tail. A very friendly CAT and dog friendly girl. Please contact Princess Animal Rescue, Pauline Wright-Rescue, Paula Knowles or Pamela Kerr ( foster family) if you require further information

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Reserved for adoption.


Linda Jean

At hello to Bertie who is just admirable. 5 weeks old and already his personality shines through. Bertie will be needing his own family just as soon as he is old enough to leave us

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Linda Jean

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SMUDGE says hello peeps. He is 5 weeks old and a quiet little boy who will be needing a forever home just as soon as he can leave his Mummy and me


Linda Jean

Here we have FLOSSIE 5 weeks old and a wonderful ball of fluff. She will be a small adult and will be needing a forever home once old enough to leave me and her mummy

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Linda Jean

5 weeks old let me introduce you to CANDY. Beautiful fluffy short legged little girl who will be looking for a forever home. Please reserve her now to avoid disappointment

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Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

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Entered the refuge: 24/09/2017
Approximate date of birth: 10/06/2017
Breed: Podenco
Male – medium size when fully grown

This poor little Pod Puppy who we have called FREDDY was found in the grounds of the local hotel near the refuge.

Another little Pod not wanted and left to find his own way. So young at only a few months old ,he was understandably very frightened and disorientated !

Now safe with us, he will join some of the other pups we have in the puppy refuge and have plenty of friends to play with

FREDDY will make someone a lovely pet, he is young enough to train and socialise with children.and like all Podecncos will be a loving, affectionate and faithful little dog

His longer haired rough coat will make him very popular and we hope he will not be with us too long before someone falls in love with him

He will be vaccinated, have a passport, microchip but will not be neutered here until he is old enough.

If you would like to adopt FREDDY , please contact us via this page