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Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered our care: 06.04.2017
Approximate date of birth: 05.01.2017
Breed: Mixed
Female – medium size dog when fully grown

Size now :Length 50cm
Height to shoulder 48cm

You will probably remember this little girl who was rescued by the guys that transport our dogs to the UK

They called her APRIL

On the day they were driving to the refuge, to collect 3 of our dogs going to the UK, they saw her on the road into Rute on the side of the road. She had been run over and had suffered a very bad broken leg.

They brought her to the refuge and we took her straight to the vets where they immediately operated on her.

Our thanks too, to the charity FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS AND CATS who kindly paid for her operation to help us!!

It has been a very successful op and she has been recuperating and resting in a foster home here while her leg heals.

She has been living with children and other dogs and is now a fun loving and friendly little girl . The break has healed well and she rushes around like any other little puppy of her age .

Now APRIL is ready to find a family of her own.

She has been neutered recently.


Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered foster home: May 2017
Approximate date of birth: 2nd October 2016
Breed: Mixed

Another very sad tale of a little dog found lying beside another dog which had been run over and killed

We believe this probably was her mother, as she was older and had similarities but it was obvious that Molly wanted to protect her and felt she had to stay close by

She was found by one of our fosterers who knew she had to stop and help when she saw this very sad scene .

A first when she approached, Molly ran off into the bushes but gradually she was able to coax her out and managed to put both dogs in her car

Sadly the other dog had already been killed, but Molly had been given a second chance and now she is safe and living in the foster home.

She is a friendly little girl but still very shy to people she doesn’t know and even with the other dogs, she is timid, so we feel she will need a lot of TLC and patience to get her to trust people again but we know that given time she will make a really wonderful pet

She has to have a chance to blossom and this she is slowly doing in her own time

We would love to find her a home – already in her young life we feel she has known hardship and sadness and we know there is someone out there willing to give her a chance.


Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered the refuge: 23.05.2017
Approximate date of birth:18.04.2016
Breed: Mixed
Female – medium size

NAOMI is a stunning girl and we hope that the saying ‘black dogs are harder to find homes for’ – will not be true for her!!

She was one of a litter that we have been asked to help find a home for and she has been in the refuge now since the end of May and in that time has settled in really well with all the other dogs, and is an affectionate and loving dog with all our volunteers.

She has a wonderful shiny coat and would love a home and family she could call her own. We know she is going to make someone as lovely pet!

Please help make her dreams come true. Every share brings her one step closer to finding her forever family

NAOMI is neutered, fully vaccinated and has a passport and microchip.


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK

ROAD, medium sized Podenco, DOB 01-06-2015. This beauty was found lying on the side of a busy road, a couple walked past and thought she was dead but on closer examination discovered she was still breathing. Road could not move, her back legs were all tangled and her breathing was heavy. She had clearly been hit by a car and thrown to the side of the road with the force of impact. Road was rescued by the sanctuary who have paid for two operations to try and fix her broken hip. She has gradually started to regain movement in her back legs and is now ready for adoption. Road is still quite thin but with a loving family will soon put on weight.



This is CRAIG again whose adoption fell through and he is 12 weeks old, fully vaccinated, passported and ready to travel in 3 weeks. He is just one adorable boy CAN YOU OFFER CRAIG A LOVING HOME contact Linda Jean




Pamela Kerr shared her post.

Patti, a French Bulldog cross. Found abandoned along a track having just given birth to 8 puppies, sadly 2 died. Patti is a lovely lazy dog, her aim in life is to cuddle and sleep. She has lived alongside our dogs and cats without any problem. She chased them away from her puppies at first, now she doesn’t care!! Her only fault is she does not like dogs near her or being touched when she eats, it is no problem, we feed her in the hall. Patti is around 3 years old. She starts her vaccinations this week and will be sterilised as soon as it is possible. She will not be available to travel outside of Spain for another 1 month and 21 days


Pamela Kerr shared her post.

Ella, just a pup herself, just about 1 year old. All her life has been living on the street in a town near us. She was eventually caught after giving birth to 6 adorable pups. She was taken to some kennels by a local group where she escaped the same night (and someone stole a puppy) after waiting to see if Mum would come back, she ran back and forth across the town for 5 nights looking for her puppies, but would not allow anyone close to her. I took the puppies to our house and the next night went back with 1 puppy to where the puppies had been taken and Ella trusted me and let me stroke her and I was able to catch her. She was so happy to see her puppies and they were so happy to see her. She has been a fabulous Mum and even looked after the other puppies (their Mum Patti has given up looking after them!!) Ella is just a small girl, around 7.6kg She is nervous of strangers, understandably as she has probably been shouted to go away. She is a really good dog, totally clean in the house and likes to steal shoes and the puppies toy! Her puppy side is beginning to show, thank goodness as she has never had a family to call her own. She is excellent with our dogs and cats. She will be starting her vaccinations/ passport this week and will be sterilised asap. She has the markings of a border collie, but who knows her breed! She is just a gentle girl.


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s

Medium breed, DOB 16-06-2009. This beautiful girl was dumped in the Almeria Pound by her owners all because she had a tumour. They actually signed papers to allow for her to be PTS. After being their loyal companion for 8 years Estrella could not understand why she had been abandoned. The poor girl was petrified and the fear in her face said it all. She was rigid and trembling and the volunteers took pity and reserved her, even though it will be difficult to rehome her due to her age. Estrella is already booked in at the sanctuary’s vet to have the tumour removed and be neutered at the same time.



Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s

Enco, medium sized male, approximately 1.5/2 years old. The sanctuary received a call at 8am from a worried construction worker, not knowing if he had accidentally emptied a container of cement over this poor little boy or whether he was already in the cement mixer and no-one had seen. When they noticed, they stopped and tried to clean him but he was trembling and it was 6 degrees. Enco was urgently taken to the vet where he had a stomach wash and a large amount of cement removed from his mouth. He had large burns to his feet, tongue and eyes. He was unable to eat or barely stand for a few days but is now in a foster home and recovering very well. We think he has some vision but this is being monitored as to how badly the cement affected him. Please like and share to find a very special home for this gorgeous, fluffy boy. Thank you. He is good with dogs, cats and people of all ages!


Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s

Merida, medium sized dog, 4 years old, had been wandering amongst the greenhouses of Almeria for months after being abandoned when her owner found out she was pregnant. When she was just a few days away from giving birth the locals put down a blanket and a box for her babies but no one was prepared to take her into their home.
On the day the puppies were born it was pouring down with rain and they had no cover so were at the mercy of the elements. At this point someone contacted the sanctuary and although they are currently bursting at the seams they could not ignore such an urgent situation and leave the puppies to such a fate.
To get to Merida and her puppies the volunteers had to use a raft to pass over a pond in the dark as by now it was night time and the rain continued to drop. They found the mum and puppies, soaked through and frozen, the puppies were desperately suckling but were visibly malnourished and deteriorated.
Merida behaved fantastically and allowed the volunteers to pick up her puppies even though she didn’t know them. She kept a constant eye on them but did not delay the volunteers in getting her puppies to safety.
Merida’s puppies are now all reserved for new homes in the UK but she is yet to find her own home, please like and share to help her find her forever family. Thank you.