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CHICO – 40cm to shoulder (possible Bodeguerro cross)

Hello, I’m Chico, a lovely boy of 8 years. – yes getting on!!

Until last year I lived happily with my owner on our farm. Unfortunately, my ‘safe’ home had been declared uninhabitable and my owner had to move into a flat. There was no place for me there.

My owner wanted the best for me and looked until he found a good shelter. So he gave me away as a ‘present’ but after a couple of weeks that family just dumped me somewhere.

Fortunately, the people whose dogs I regularly visited on my wanderings took me to the vet and it showed that I was chipped and had received all my vaccinations .

They contacted my owner and he was sad to hear that I had been abandoned, but he really could not take me back in.

So now I am in a lovely foster home near the GPAR refuge and they have said they would help my foster Mum to find me a lovely home.

I am too old to be going to so many different places – all I would like is a nice home, a warm bed and a loving family where I know I will not have to move on again. I am a really friendly chap!

Oh just one thing – I am not keen on cats and would like to be an only dog so I get all the attention for myself ! However I do like other dogs so perhaps one other dog that is already with the family that can show me the house rules!!

CHICO is not a GPAR dog but we are going to help the lady who is looking after him to find him a home. He is neutered , vaccinated , has a passport and microchip

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