DELIA, medium sized Podenco, DOB 05-05-2013. Podencos are Spanish hunting dogs used to control the rabbit population and are traditionally dumped or shot after the hunting season ends when they are no longer of use. Many Spanish people do not recognise that Podencos can make great pets and they are always the first to be put down in Government pounds as they are unlikely to ever be homed. Delia has had one stroke of luck though – that the sanctuary got to her before the pound, but it was not in the best of circumstances. The sanctuary were notified of a Podenco who had been ran over at a petrol station in Almeria and could not manage to get up. On arriving at the scene, the volunteers found just one person who was crouched down to comfort the injured dog on the side of the road; the rest of the people just walked on by. Delia was taken to the vet and it was discovered that she had a fractured humerus, but after her operation she has recovered well and is now ready to be homed. Delia can be a bit nervous around people to begin with and will need experienced owners who can be patient with her and help her to gain confidence. Delia is at her happiest when playing with other dogs so would benefit from a home where she is not the only dog. Please like and share her post to help her find it. Thank you.

Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK

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