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Ella, just a pup herself, just about 1 year old. All her life has been living on the street in a town near us. She was eventually caught after giving birth to 6 adorable pups. She was taken to some kennels by a local group where she escaped the same night (and someone stole a puppy) after waiting to see if Mum would come back, she ran back and forth across the town for 5 nights looking for her puppies, but would not allow anyone close to her. I took the puppies to our house and the next night went back with 1 puppy to where the puppies had been taken and Ella trusted me and let me stroke her and I was able to catch her. She was so happy to see her puppies and they were so happy to see her. She has been a fabulous Mum and even looked after the other puppies (their Mum Patti has given up looking after them!!) Ella is just a small girl, around 7.6kg She is nervous of strangers, understandably as she has probably been shouted to go away. She is a really good dog, totally clean in the house and likes to steal shoes and the puppies toy! Her puppy side is beginning to show, thank goodness as she has never had a family to call her own. She is excellent with our dogs and cats. She will be starting her vaccinations/ passport this week and will be sterilised asap. She has the markings of a border collie, but who knows her breed! She is just a gentle girl.

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