ELSA, large Sharpei x breed, DOB 01-01-2014. The sanctuary received notice of a pregnant dog on the street who was so weak she could barely move. When they found her, they discovered that Elsa had leishmaniasis and without medication was suffering badly. Elsa was brought back to the sanctuary just in time to have 10 gorgeous babies. Due to her weak state, Elsa took the best part of a day to push all the babies out and the last two were born already with the Angels. Elsa has been a great mum and now she’s on medication, her condition is stable. This gentle giant is a really friendly girl; always rushing to greet the volunteers and wagging her tail. She’s great with other dogs and also with cats. Please like and share her post to help her find her loving home. Thank you.

Dog and Cat Rescue – Almeria.

Leish is an easily controlled condition with medication. It cannot be passed from dog to dog, nor to cats or humans.

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