Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s

Enco, medium sized male, approximately 1.5/2 years old. The sanctuary received a call at 8am from a worried construction worker, not knowing if he had accidentally emptied a container of cement over this poor little boy or whether he was already in the cement mixer and no-one had seen. When they noticed, they stopped and tried to clean him but he was trembling and it was 6 degrees. Enco was urgently taken to the vet where he had a stomach wash and a large amount of cement removed from his mouth. He had large burns to his feet, tongue and eyes. He was unable to eat or barely stand for a few days but is now in a foster home and recovering very well. We think he has some vision but this is being monitored as to how badly the cement affected him. Please like and share to find a very special home for this gorgeous, fluffy boy. Thank you. He is good with dogs, cats and people of all ages!

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