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DOG OF THE DAY – ESTRELLA, large breed, almost 2 years old. This beautiful girl has blossomed in the care of the sanctuary after lots of love and attention. She was rescued from the streets of Almeria but the cuts and bruises all over her body told the story of a terribly hard life. Like many street dogs in Spain, she had stones thrown at her every time she tried to approach someone to beg for food. When she first arrived at the sanctuary she was really scared of people but she has slowly gained her confidence and grown to love the volunteers and even plays well with their children. She is great with other dogs.

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  1. Val says:

    What a beautiful dog.
    HOW can anybody treat them this way.
    When we lived in Murcia/Valencia we found about 6 stray dogs, and after nursing them back to health, was able to rehome them to Loving new owners;
    We Still came back to the UK with two rescue dogs, One we had for 12 years, who due to health issues, had to be put to sleep almost 3 weeks ago.
    Stan the other one who came from Hondon dog rescue, is still with us after 6 years, and known locally as the tennis ball thief.
    We are in Benidorm from the 11th April until the 18 th, and was wondering if it is possible to visit you when there?
    Sorry for length of this comment

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