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Linda Jean shared For the Love of Dogs and Cats 603180‘s post.

FREIDA, a darling little girl, but a little more reserved than her brothers but nonetheless just as friendly and needing lots of love.; today we have had blood tests done, flea and tick treatment, a scalibor collar put on (these little ones are running alive with ticks) she has been chipped and passports being prepared. SHe will be wormed in a day or so and rabies next week. FREIDA will be spayed as soon as possible as she is with her two brothers who are showing interest.. Sunday she is being bathed by my lovely groomer Eva and getting her nails clipped. fFREIDA would really love a home that has lots of time love and petience to show her that she will never be hurt again.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Where is Freida….?

    • David Knowles says:

      Hi, Freida is in Benidorm. Please let us know if you require more information.

      • sandra says:

        Sorry I didn’t see the ‘post’…………….maybe looking for one like Freida but later ….end of May.
        Thanks for the reply.

  2. Sandra says:

    If you still have Freida….can you tell me more details….ie age, breed height etc.,

  3. sandra says:

    I am near Benidorm….is there a way to contact Linda ?

    • David Knowles says:

      Hello Sandra, are you on facebook? if so, you can friend request FOR THE LOVE OF LINDA JEAN’S DOGS, or, ring the telephone number top right on the home page f this site. many thanks

  4. sandra says:

    Many thanks for your replies….I have now “Reserved” Freida.
    She is a lovely dog…just as Linda described her. I look forward to many happy years with her by my side.

    • David Knowles says:

      Hi Sandra, that’s wonderful news, thank you so much for rescuing a dog. I wish you and Freida many happy years together. Thanks again for giving a home to one of the dogs on our website.

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