Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered the refuge: 21.06.2017
Approximate date of birth: 10.11.2016
Breed: Mixed (possible Pod cross)
Medium size when fully grown
Height to shoulder 45cm Length 45cm ( July 2017)

Like so many of our dogs this cute boy was found by one of our volunteers in our local town !

So many must have a story to tell about what happened to them if only we knew

HARVEY was only 7 months old when we rescued him – so young to be left to fend for himself!

Like most of the dogs we find , he is trusting and loving despite being abandoned at such a young age, and he just loves everyone who comes to the refuge

He loves the children who come and he is going to make a wonderful pet for someone. See video in comments

Please lets give him a chance to find that perfect home for him

HARVEY is neutered, will have passport and microchip and is fully vaccinated .

He will be ready to travel – he just needs someone to say those magic words!! YES.

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  1. Martin Hughes says:

    Hi, is Harvey still at the centre.

    • David Knowles says:

      Hello, Martin, I have asked Jenny Russell at GPAR rescue if he is still available, and, will pass on your email to her. Thanks for your interest in Harvey

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