Lego, small breed, 2 and a half years old. Lego had been left all day lying on the roadside, he had been ran over and his hind legs were not working, he was dragging them and whimpering in pain. No one stopped to help him or take him to the vet. Eventually the sanctuary were notified and went to collect him and get him the treatment he needed. Lego had a split pelvis in 7 places and was in a lot of pain, he was prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers. The good news was that Lego had a microchip and after several days of trying the sanctuary finally managed to get hold of his owners. However, the ungrateful owners told the volunteers to have him put down as they didn’t want to spend any money on him!
Of course Lego was taken back to the sanctuary and settled in well with the other dogs. You can see him playing on the courtyard in our recent videos.
Luckily Lego did not need an operation as the splits in his pelvis were able to weld back together naturally. It has taken him a couple of months to recover and he is now finally ready for adoption. He is an adorable dog who is very affectionate. Although when feeling nervous he will turn round in circles and try to catch his tail!

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