Louise and Thelma.

Entered the refuge: 3.02. 2017
Approximate dates of birth: February 2015
Breed: Labrador cross
55cm high to shoulder and 65cm long (body)

This is LOUISE who was picked up quite near to the motorway, with another dog who we are sure is her daughter. We have called her THELMA

They were both found wandering along the road. Both wore collars and were in good condition but neither of them had microchips and no one has reported any dogs missing locally or has since come forward..

They are now in the refuge which is very hard for them as we think they have been used to a family, so we need to find a new family who will adopt them asap

LOUISE like her daughter is another beautiful, affectionate and sociable dog and she too has a wonderful shiny coat. Like all Labs she will make a really loving and faithful pet,

Ideally, and we know this will not be easy, we would like them to stay together but if this is not possible then we are happy to find them a home separately .

Please help us . Both have been neutered now and have full vaccinations.

Louise is the picture on the right.

Contact GPAR Dog Rehoming Group

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