Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s

Merida, medium sized dog, 4 years old, had been wandering amongst the greenhouses of Almeria for months after being abandoned when her owner found out she was pregnant. When she was just a few days away from giving birth the locals put down a blanket and a box for her babies but no one was prepared to take her into their home.
On the day the puppies were born it was pouring down with rain and they had no cover so were at the mercy of the elements. At this point someone contacted the sanctuary and although they are currently bursting at the seams they could not ignore such an urgent situation and leave the puppies to such a fate.
To get to Merida and her puppies the volunteers had to use a raft to pass over a pond in the dark as by now it was night time and the rain continued to drop. They found the mum and puppies, soaked through and frozen, the puppies were desperately suckling but were visibly malnourished and deteriorated.
Merida behaved fantastically and allowed the volunteers to pick up her puppies even though she didn’t know them. She kept a constant eye on them but did not delay the volunteers in getting her puppies to safety.
Merida’s puppies are now all reserved for new homes in the UK but she is yet to find her own home, please like and share to help her find her forever family. Thank you.

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