Jenny Russell shared GPAR Adopt a Dog

Entered foster home: May 2017
Approximate date of birth: 2nd October 2016
Breed: Mixed

Another very sad tale of a little dog found lying beside another dog which had been run over and killed

We believe this probably was her mother, as she was older and had similarities but it was obvious that Molly wanted to protect her and felt she had to stay close by

She was found by one of our fosterers who knew she had to stop and help when she saw this very sad scene .

A first when she approached, Molly ran off into the bushes but gradually she was able to coax her out and managed to put both dogs in her car

Sadly the other dog had already been killed, but Molly had been given a second chance and now she is safe and living in the foster home.

She is a friendly little girl but still very shy to people she doesn’t know and even with the other dogs, she is timid, so we feel she will need a lot of TLC and patience to get her to trust people again but we know that given time she will make a really wonderful pet

She has to have a chance to blossom and this she is slowly doing in her own time

We would love to find her a home – already in her young life we feel she has known hardship and sadness and we know there is someone out there willing to give her a chance.

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