Entered the refuge – August 2014
Approx date of birth – APRIL 2013

Height to shoulder – 45cm

Another Podenco abandoned and cast aside after a hunting season – no longer required by her owner, maybe she could no longer live up to his expectations!.

There are no words of explanation – but this poor girl was found in August 2014 in a dirt road near a farm – she was terrified, starving and dehydrated as she had been out in the full sun without water and very little shade. We managed to get her to trust us enough so she could be caught and taken to the vets before she entered the refuge.

Now she is safe and has been with us ever since. But like all our dogs she needs a loving home, people she can trust and are willing to give her a chance of a new life.

Please don’t let her be another of the ‘forgotten and overlooked’ Podencos and end up being with us for so long. Give her a chance she so deserves.

GPAR Dog Rehoming Group

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