Pinkie and Gordie.

Princess Animal Rescue


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Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

Good morning, as the sun rises over the finca I hope the day goes well. I lay awake again last night wondering why nobody has ever shown interest in Gordi and Pinkie, 3 years they have been with us, 3 years of not knowing a family just for them. They are lovely dogs, Gordi loves to play ball, Pinkie loves to hunt for lizards, she will spend ages in one place waiting to see a lizard! Even if one is not there she waits in hope, bless her. Sadly they are not photogenic, not cute and fluffy, it breaks my heart every night as I shut them in their kennel for the night. Every night I tell them how beautiful they are and that their family is out there somewhere, just waiting for them to find them both.

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