Chelsea Black shared Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK‘s album.

ROMEO, medium-small breed, DOB 01-01-2015, managed to find himself a place in the sanctuary thanks to his Juliet! Both were strays who had been abandoned on the street as puppies and were being fed by a lady in a farmhouse. Once Juliet reached a certain age, the lady took her to be neutered and allowed her to recover from the operation in her home. But both Romeo and Juliet could not stand to be apart and Romeo would hang around all day outside the farmhouse, crying for his Juliet. The volunteers agreed to help and collected both to take back to the sanctuary so that they could be together again. When they saw each other they were jumping all over each other and wagging their tails with happiness. Romeo has now built his confidence with other dogs too. Please like and share his post to help him find a loving home. Thank you.

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