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Boo Boo

Boo Boo is 2 years old and he is just the most loving, friendly and adorable boy you could meet. Castrated chipped passport, case packed and ready to go. Can you offer Boo Boo a wonderful forever home?

Boo Boo


A 5 year old Bodeguero. In foster care since the beginning of August. Rescued from a Perrera with 2 enormous hernias. These have now been removed. She has been spayed and is looking for a new home. She is a happy girl gets on well with all other dogs, loves to play ball with you or throw the teddy in the air. Can you offer Abbie a forever home with her own forever family?



What a real sweetheart he is. He will need a very special home that will work with him to get him to trust humans. He gets on well with all the other dogs. Ozzy, we think, is Teddy´s brother, they have the same colourings. We think he is 10 months old, castrated and tested negative for Leish Filaria and Erlichia. Who can offer Ozzy this special love?



Bruni rescued out of Montilla Cordoba killing pound, female 10 months 4 kilo. Gets on well with dogs, cats and children, .Very quiet little dog needing lots of love. Can you give it to her?

Bruni 2  Bruni


9 weeks old. Can travel out of Spain when she is 4 months old. Near Alicante.



9 weeks old and has already had 2 vaccinations and is wormed. Autumn’s mum is a podenca maneto which is the smallest of the podencos. If you can offer Autumn a home then please get in touch.




This tiny boy was in a pet store, clearly very ill, severely dehydrated and malnourished….he was given, free, just as well because a couple more hours in that place and he would have died. After some TLC from a wonderful vet, he is looking much better although he is not out of the woods yet. He is around 6 weeks old and a podenco. Fingers crossed he makes it through the weekend. If he does we will be FOSTERING him but we will need to find him a forever home when he is better.

Frodo 1  Frodo


9 weeks old – gorgeous!

Adopted! We wish you luck in your new home, Guinness x

Guinness 2  Guinness

Mocha (Now Raffa)

9 weeks old. Lovely!

Adopted! We wish you luck in your new home, Raffa x



Here is Snowy, the sister of Tintin. Snowy is the biggest of the 4 puppies, she is playful and good tempered. I think one of her parents is a possible Podence, as her ears often stand up like a Pods! She is aprox 15-18 weeks old ( 21st Feb) is cat friendly. Gets on well with all our dogs. Like Tintin, Snowy was living beneath the prickly pears- how long they had been living there we do not know. She is a real sweetheart .

Snowy 2  Snowy