Entered our care: Jan 2017
Approximate date of birth: 01.01.2016
Breed: Cross

TEO’s story is sad like so many others here. He was a tiny puppy when he was first abandoned and had been a street dog in a small town near Rute.

This town is renowned for the amount of abandoned dogs there are due to the fact that many hunters live there, and Teo roamed the streets taking shelter under cars at night to keep himself warm

He was incredibly malnourished even though people would feed him scraps, which was some consolation, but no one wanted to take him into their homes, which is sad as he was so loving and sociable and loved all the people he saw during the day, but at night they closed their doors and he was left alone. He found shelter where he could.

We have now managed to help Teo and he is with a foster family. It was obvious from a very deep scar on his neck that the microchip had been cut out.

His coat because he had been neglected, was tangled and in a terrible state and we had no choice but to shave it, but it is growing back well and he is putting on weight and he is now ready to start looking for a new family

He is very affectionate and wants nothing more than a warm and loving home. Please help us find him one soon and show him what love is!

Posted on behalf of GPAR dog refuge, Southern Spain.

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