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Richard Mark Stylianou-Steed shared Dog Squad Spain

This is Tikka. She was found in Xeraco on the beach, along with her sister Libby and Emily. Tikka is a very friendly small, terrier cross, weighing only 4 kilos. She made a beeline for me with kisses when I met her! We guess she is around 12 months old. This tiny girl only measures 26cm to the shoulder.

She is safe with Associació Guaita Xeraco at the moment, but we are now looking for a local foster or better still a forever home for this little one. She as yet has had nothing done, but this can be easily rectified.

Can you offer a helping hand to Tikka?

Please contact myself or Marie Carmen at L’academia Xeraco or on Whatsapp 669 690 702.

Tikka has found her forever home!

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  1. Lillian Bradley says:

    What a beautiful girl

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