A lovely 3 year old medium sized dog. He has spent two years of his life in pounds with little or no human contact or exercise, yet he is still amazingly loyal and affectionate. He is mad about his ball and will run and fetch it for hours. He is currently in foster care in the UK, after this charity paid for him to come to England. He has been castrated, had all his vaccinations and is in excellent health. He is house trained and an absolute joy to have about the home. He just wants a home and a loving family. Please consider this lovely boy if you are thinking of getting a dog. In need of URGENT ADOPTION.


Adopted! We are really happy to announce that Wifi has secured himself a very lovely home in the spring. He will be living on a small holding with horses, ducks and a doggy friend in 30 acres of land. We could not have found a more suitable active loving home for this deserving boy. We are all so pleased for him and his new owner and hope his transition from foster care to his permanent home goes smoothly and he has a wooftastic tail wagging pawsome life. Good luck Wifi! 🙂



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