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Save the Lives of Dogs and Cats in Spain


Dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of dogs and cats in Spain

The charity was set up 6 years ago by Linda Jean, our president, and the dogs under our charity are cared for in the home and grounds of Linda Jean. There are 3 other officers on the charity but the Facebook and Website is managed by 6 admin who oversee the postings and answer any queries.

Linda Jean has been shown on Channel 5 tv in Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun and her home grounds and care she gives to the dogs can be seen on that programme



— We Rescue

The sole aim of our charity is rescuing and rehoming abandoned, unwanted, unloved and stray dogs and cats in Spain. Many are rescued from perreras where the policy is to kill the dogs after their 21 day period in the perrera is up. If a pregnant dog goes in the puppies are usually killed at birth which is very traumatic for the mother so we try to get as many of these pregnant dogs out as soon as possible. A lot of these dogs are hunting dogs where, if the dogs don’t perform well during the hunting season, many get hung from trees, or wrapped in black sacks and thrown in rivers, or pot holes or just abandoned in remote areas. Puppies are thrown in the skips in black sacks and if they are lucky to be heard, rescued and brought to rescues such as ours.


— We Provide Care

All dogs in our care get the best food, and veterinary care possible. Many live in the house and some of the bigger dogs live in the luxury kennels or specially built houses, all with their own gardens. Our policy is that every dog gets neutered before it is rehomed, blood tested for any mediterranean diseases, issued with a passport and chip , fully vaccinated and leave Spain in full perfect health.


— We Rehome

No dog or puppy or cat leaves our care without first a pre adoption questionnaire being completed, then a homecheck carried out. The donation fee for one of our animals is 100 euros, other rescues charge different prices. The biggest cost of adopting in the UK is the transport fee and this starts, for rescue dogs, from 275 euros.


Beautiful Alice

4 years ago this girl arrived after her long journey. Spent her whole first night snuggled around my neck and hasn’t left my side since  after a scary few months last summer with leish, she is doing so well

Angie – now Darcy ( the little dark one) 

she arrived in October she is now used to the Scottish weather & loves Jack Frost & the snow .. I think you will agree she’s found her happy ending with her big sister Daisy 💜


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