Victoria Vazquez
20 April at 20:54
Delon is one of our UK long termers and does not matter what we have done, nobody has come through for him. It is such a shame because he is a very loving and affectionate dog. Whilst in the pound, as he knew his surroundings and what to expect, nobody realised that he was deaf. It was only when in boarding kennels in the UK (Cornwall) that we realised that when we called his name he would always look towards the opposite direction, and when approached, he would always get startled once he saw you next to him. This makes him even more endearing. There is no need to say that he is strikingly beautiful but I will say it anyway. Looking at him reminds me of a Picasso. He is not however an ordinary painting, but one with a heart as big as he is. Delon will do well in a home with another dog that can show him the ropes and that he can follow and learn from. He will not do well in a city as it makes him very stressed. Imagine so many things happening at once without being able to hear. This big boy needs an opportunity.


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